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  • Politikwäsche - Policy Laundering

    Eines der wichtigsten Konzepte moderner Politik hat seit kurzem einen Namen: Politikwäsche (engl. Policy Laundering). Was damit gemeint ist erfahren sie in diesem Artikel
    Niemand macht sich gerne unbeliebt. PoltikerInnen am allerwenigsten, denn ihre Beliebtheit bestimmt ihre Chancen auf Wiederwahl ebenso wie ihre Parteiinterne Stellung. Andererseits ist die Politik ein bekanntermaßen schmutziges Geschäft. Politik wird heute zumeist im Interesse von Kapital und Konzernen gemacht und ist damit (...)

  • Understanding ACTA

    ACTA from a marxist point of view

    The opposition against ACTA if finally getting some momentum, but it seems most of the critique focuses on its impact on the internet. While this is an important aspect this is buy no means the only problem with ACTA.
    In order to really understand ACTA we need to look at the economic side of it. Who would profit from its implementation? This is, we should look at it from a marxist point of view.
    How Capitalism Works
    Capitalist society works by exploiting social relations, or more (...)

  • How TTIP, TPP, TISA, CETA and other trade deals should be negotiated

    We are not just against any and all trade deals

    A lot has been written on what is bad about TTIP, CETA, TISA, TPP, etc. Some people accuse us about being opposed to any trade deal at all. To repute this let us imagine for a moment on how such trade deal would ideally look like and how they should have been negotiated.
    Who would participate in such negotiations?
    Up until around 2009 the US and Europe tried to impose their neoliberal agenda onto the world via WTO negotiations. The general idea there was to create deals that would favor the (...)

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