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  • ACTA: Aufruf zum Handelskrieg gegen Entwicklungsländer

    Der ACTA Entwurf der EU-Kommission

    Das ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) wurde bis jetzt in Geheimverhandlungen zwischen EU, USA und anderen reichen Ländern ausverhandelt. Über diese Geheimverhandlungen können Bestimmungen eingeführt werden die dann in nationales Recht und in EU-Bestimmungen übernommen werden müssen. Durch die Vielzahl der beteiligten und den intransparenten Prozess ist oft auch nicht klar, wer welche Bestimmungen gefordert hat. Dafür hat sich inzwischen der Begriff "Politikwäsche - Policy Laundering" (...)

  • Arguments against ACTA - Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

    Recently a Draft Report for a "Motion for a Resolution" was introduced to the European Parliament that Discusses the Position towards the secret ACTA Treaty and the Position of the European Commission within this Treaty. Here are a few reasons what is wrong with this Draft Document and why.
    Getting the Definitions right
    The ACTA Treaty is supposed to deal with "counterfeiting", yet it mixes in a lot of different "Intellectual Property Rights" (IPR):
    The term "counterfeiting" should only (...)

  • How ACTA kills your job

    The Oil of the 21st Century

    „Intellectual Property“ is called the „The Oil of the 21st Century“. Workers here are told that strong protection of that the protection of this so called „property“ is necessary for our economy and a means to protect jobs. Nothing could be further from the truth.
    With the ACTA-negotiations, the protection of this IPR should be made stronger once again. What is really behind it?
    Global corporations need to maximize their profit. One way to do this is to offshore production into countries with (...)

  • 11 Arguments Against so called "Intellectual Property"

    The Terms „Intellectual Property“ (IP) or „Intellectual Property Right“ (IPR) are used to describe rather different legal constructs. Copyright, Patent Law, Trademark Law, etc, etc..
    What they have in common is that they cover rights to exclude others from the use of immaterial goods like knowledge and information. Some authors, among them them most prominently Richard M. Stalmann, argue that the term should not be used at all. On the other hand, there are a lot of points that can be brought (...)

  • Understanding ACTA

    ACTA from a marxist point of view

    The opposition against ACTA if finally getting some momentum, but it seems most of the critique focuses on its impact on the internet. While this is an important aspect this is buy no means the only problem with ACTA.
    In order to really understand ACTA we need to look at the economic side of it. Who would profit from its implementation? This is, we should look at it from a marxist point of view.
    How Capitalism Works
    Capitalist society works by exploiting social relations, or more (...)

  • Der ACTA-Skandal - Die EU-Kommission will über Geheimverhandlungen Europäisches Recht aushebeln

    Die EU gewinnt ja momentan nicht unbedingt Beliebtheitskonteste. Daher versuchen dei einen sich über die Anbiederung an den Rechtsextemismus bei den leider zumeist rechten EU-KritikerInnen beliebt zu machen. Die EU-Kommission scheint das alles nicht zu kümmern sie macht mit den unglaublichsten Schweinerein munter weiter als wäre nichts passiert.
    In Geheimverhandlungen mit den USA und anderen großen Industriestaaten werden Verträge wie der ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) ausgehandelt. (...)

  • ACTA - How to kill Babies for Fun and Profit

    The EU Parlament released a new study about ACTA

    Initially I wanted to write a short analysis of this study. But just skimming over the study shows that is a blatant pro IP propaganda piece. Still interesting to dissect that a bit.
    The Study (pdf) starts with the following statement:
    “The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) is motivated by the perceived lack of progress of multilateral enforcement of intellectual property rights.”
    Ok. How to translate that: the “the perceived lack of progress of multilateral enforcement of (...)

  • Hard Facts about ACTA

    So you want a "facts" based discussion about ACTA - here we go

    “I want the Parliament to have a facts-based discussion and not a debate around myths. That is why I want to have an open debate with all actors concerned.” — David Martin MEP and the new Rapporteur for ACTA in the European Parliament
    While my previous Article on ACTA was also based on facts one might argue it is also slightly opinionated. Now lets just stick to the plain hard undeniable facts: No opinion, no hearsay, no interpretation: Just the bare facts. Now it will be interesting to see (...)

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